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7 keys to life

7 keys to life
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A Prayer For When You're Feeling Weak

A Prayer For When You're Feeling Weak I hate weakness. I don't like to feel inadequate or incapable. I don't like being dependent on others. I don't like not knowing what's going to happen. I don't like feeling helpless in the face of a trial. I don't like feeling spent and overwhelmed. I don't like it when I am physically weak, emotionally weak, mentally weak, or spiritually weak.

5 Ways to Stop Discouragement from Getting the Best of You

5 Ways to Stop Discouragement from Getting the Best of You Leslie VerFirst, let’s look at four reasons why we get discouraged and disappointed. Job felt  discouraged with his wife and friends . They didn’t get it. In the midst of his suffering and questioning God, they tried to be helpful, but they ended up heaping more shame and blame on Job for his afflictions. We, too, can feel let down by our friends and family.

Worship: The One Who Sees Me

Worship: The One Who Sees Me Gwen Smith Gwen's Website Have you ever felt lonely, scared, angry, confused and hurt all at the same time?  Ever felt like running away from a difficult situation?  I have.  There was a time, several years ago, when I wanted to run – hard and fast – from life as I knew it.  I had just birthed three babies in three  and a half years.  Then, to everybody’s surprise – especially mine – my husband got a promotion that moved our young family across the country to a place where we knew no one. I had two babies in diapers and one “big boy” struggling to say  goodbye  to his binky.  There was always a diaper to change, a mouth to feed or a mess to clean up.  My days were a blur and my emotions were overloaded. In my mind, I knew I wasn’t alone – but in my heart, I felt like I was. God knew exactly where I was.

Never underestimate anyone

  Never underestimate anyone☼♥☼  

Open the eyes

Open the eyes  of my heart Lord♥